Monday, June 20, 2022


                           South Lykken Trail to Josie Johnson Vista Park (North Approach)

I've hiked the South Lykken trail in Palm Springs a million times since moving to Palm Springs 18 years ago.  I've always started the hike at the S. Palm Canyon Drive trailhead and hiked up for about 30 minutes and then back down.  Consequently, I only saw a small part of the trail and a experienced a certain view of the city.  I knew the trail went much further and eventully came back down at another trailhead in the North.  I didn't know where that was.  I stumbled upon it over the weekend and check it out.  The North trailhead is at the end of Mesquite Ave.  It's another amazing hike and features a completely different view of the city.  I think it's a nicer view.  In addition to the city views, you also look down upon TahquitzCanyon.  

The South Lykken trail from the Mesquite Ave trailhead is a great intermediate hike containing a few steep, but mostly moderately inclined switchbacks. Toward the top I found a "park" called the Josie Johnson Vista Park.  Park is in quotes because it ain't much more than a few wooden picnic tables surrounded by cacti, rock structures and mountains.  Having written that, if you like to hike and like to eat, I think it's a great place to take a lunch break with friends and family.  

To get to the trailhead, take Palm Canyon Drive to Mesquite Ave and head West on Mesquite towards the mountain and towards Tahquitz Canyon.  You can park on Mesquite before Belardo.  It's a great hike and you should really check it out. 

Friday, April 22, 2022

And yet another film festival for Palm Springs visitors to check out is happening on May 21, 2022.  The Bow Wow Film Festival at the Palm Springs Cultural Center is a one-night only event that will include a VIP Reception along with a number of short films starring man's best friend.  The event will benefit both the Palm Springs Cultural Center and the Palm Springs animal Animal Shelter.  General admission is only $10.  Priority seating and group seating pricing is also available.  

The Palm Springs Cultural Center produces and encourages arts and cultural programs including film festivals, live performances, art installations and lectures.  The Palm Springs Animal Shelter is a public no-kill shelter that helps thousands of animals each year.  Both are worthy causes in my book, so while in town, why not enjoy a fun filled evening while supporting some good local organizations.  

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

If you're a fan of tiki culture and mid-century modern tiki in particular, being in Palm springs on Sunday, April 17 is a must. The bi-annual Alohana Spring event is a colorful, jam-packed tiki-themed event that features tiki cocktails, Hula dancers, a market filled with tiki-themed merchandise plus beautiful art, crafts, vintage and handmade apparel and jewelry and more. This event is a celebration of tiki culture that can't be missed.

Thursday, March 17, 2022

                                          Glow In The Park at The Living Desert

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens in Palm Desert is an amazing zoo and gardens that showcases plants and animals from the world's deserts.  They also have beautiful nature and hiking trails that allow you to experience the natural state of our Colorado desert.  If you haven't been there, I highly recommend it.  

From March 27 - April 29, 2022, the park will feature a new nocturnal event called Glow In The Park.  Their description follows:  "This extraordinary nighttime event will feature intricate, immersive, and truly awe-inspiring animal and nature-scape lantern creations representing wild places from around the globe. Dozens of displays featuring illuminated lanterns and light displays will create unforgettable moments and experiences.

Watch the desert come alive with spectacular installations that will delight guests of all ages. Explore the lighted pathways, immersive photo-opportunities, and see The Living Desert in a whole new light. Unlike any other light festival in Southern California, don’t miss your chance to experience Glow in the Park – A Spring Lantern Festival."  Live a little and drive from your Palm Springs vacation home to Palm Desert's Living Desert to check out this limited event.  Sounds like a lot of fun and something different to do while you're here.  

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

You know Palm Springs has hit the world-class luxury bigtime when it's featured in a BMW Superbowl commercial staring Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The commercial has Schwarzenegger playing a ready-to-retire Zues.  And where else would the ruler, protector, and father of all gods and people retire to than Palm Springs, California.  To see the commercial, click here.     

Wednesday, December 29, 2021


If you like short road trips and meerkats, Fellow Earthlings` Wildlife Center is the place for you. Located a mere 45 minutes from Palm Springs in Morongo Valley, the preserve specializes in caring for meerkats, which are small mongooses found in southern Africa. Meerkats are placed at Fellow Earthlings for a variety of reasons: The animals may be orphaned, injured, sick, old, or the previous facility may simply be out of room and can no longer care for them. Guests can visit the Center and hand-feed the meerkats through their "Adopt" program.  One of the Center`s most notable achievements occurred in 1992 when Pam Bennett-Wallberg was chosen by Disney Studios to be their consultant for the meerkat character of Timon in the movie The Lion King. Pam worked side by side with the Disney animators as they drew the sassy, cheeky character that became the much-loved Timon.  

Also located in Morongo Valley is the Big Morongo Canyon Preserve.  This desert oasis is one of the largest cottonwood and willow riparian habitats in California.  The lush vegetation of Big Morongo stands in sharp contrast to the surrounding desert.  A high water table in the canyon has made the growth of tall trees possible, despite being in a desert.  The area is of botanical interest because it includes two desert vegetation zones:  the Mojave and the Sonoran.  Mule deer, bighorn sheep, raccoons, bobcats, coyotes and kangaroo rats all call the preserve home.       

Wednesday, December 1, 2021


The creative mind behind brands such as SalonTea, Tracy Stern Shoes, Tea & Co. and a whole lot more, Tracy Turco - formerly Tracy Stern - is an artist, interior designer, author, hotelier, entrepreneur and style icon residing in the city of Palm Springs.  She's all about mid century modern , tiki and everything else Palm Springs.  She recently purchased, and did the interiors, of three boutique hotels.  Each has it's own unique mid century theme.  Now, she's working on an interactive Modernism Museum that will include a roller rink, bowling alley and disco pizza spot.  In terms of interactivity, visitors will be able to enter and interact within a house set-up from the era, while also being able to enter RV's, boats and cars from the period.  Lastly, the museum will be a place of preservation and appreciation, allowing the opportunity for both current and future generations to engage, be inspired and educated around the history and unique value of mid-century design and culture which was an integral part of Palm Springs.